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Freight Forwarding Jobs

Freight Forwarding Jobs


Freight forwarding jobs involve a lot of activities and they are as follows. The freight forwarder will investigate and plan the most appropriate route for a shipment and this will take into account the perishable or hazardous nature of the goods, cost, transit time and security. A freight forwarder can arrange the packaging of the goods that are being transported and pay the necessary fees on behalf of the customer. Insurance also needs to be organized and contracts can be negotiated. For these transport jobs, the proper documentation can be obtained in order to meet the insurance and custom requirements.These transport jobs will also involve offering consolidation services through sea, air and road and ensuring that secure and cost effective solutions are provided for small shippers who have insufficient cargo requiring dedicated units. The job also involves liaising with the third parties in order to move goods according to the requirements of the customer. This might involve moving goods by road, rail, sea or air. The freight forwarder will also arrange for insurance and assist the customer whenever a claim arises. Tailored IT solutions can be offered in addition to Electronic Data Interchange connections.

The freight forwarding or shipping jobs also involves arranging the payment of the transport and other applicable charges and payment can also be collected for a customer. Real time tracking of the goods on transit can also be done. This is accomplished through the use of satellite systems, Internet technology and e-commerce solutions. Air transport can be arranged for urgent and high value freight as well as managing the risk. For a large volume of goods, these logistics jobs will involve arranging charters. In custom negotiations, the freight forwarder will act as a broker and freight efficiency will be guided through the complex procedures that are involved.Courier and hand carry services can also be arranged and freight forwarding or shipping jobs also involve working hand in hand with clients, colleagues as well as third parties in order to ensure a smooth operation and guidelines are met. Throughout all stages of the freight, communication will be maintained and this includes producing management reports as well as unit and statistical cost analysis. In customer matters, the freight forwarder will act as a consultant. A freight forwarder also needs to maintain current knowledge such as the relevant legislation and political situation among other factors which could affect movement of goods.

A senior person doing freight forwarding or logistics jobs can manage staff and oversee the activities within a certain department. In addition, such a senior person could specialize in a certain area such as air freight or sea freight. The entry requirements for a freight forwarder can be a degree in transport, distribution or logistics. A person who has a degree in business or management can also apply for such a job. A degree in geography or economics can also be considered and if you have knowledge of modern European languages, you will stand a better chance. A person who is interested in freight forwarding jobs also needs to be a team player, have problem solving abilities and be sensitive to culture and religion.

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